A poster I made for the World Languages building at my school

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World Languages at LHS Poster

My German teacher noticed that I had an interest in graphic design and commissioned me to create a large banner for the World Languages building at my school, featuring all of the languages at our school. As soon as I started putting images together, I could already roughly picture where everything would go—individual languages in an elliptical mask, with a globe in the reuniting all the languages with landmarks. The background of the poster was inspired by a sunset I had seen one day, a beautiful pink-orange gradient that I thought would be perfect for the radiant vibe in the language building.

World Languages at LHS

After a few weeks of back and forth collaboration with my teacher, we sent out a poster to the print shop and put up the poster a few weeks later featuring all of the languages taught in the language department. We got positive feedback from other teachers and students alike, amazed by the way the poster fits perfectly into the building’s environment and reflects a unified world language community.

People observing the poster.


Of course, I didn’t have time to make all of the vector images myself!

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