Some websites I have made.

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Web Design Portfolio

One of my favorite hobbies is web design—I like creating page layouts, and then bringing them to life with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I prefer web design over traditional mobile app design, just because it’s much more flexible in terms of how tons of features can be added without requiring too much work.

Masks for Hunger

Masks for Hunger

A friend asked me to make a website that she could use to fundraise for the Walk for Hunger by selling masks. This allowed me to practice my React skills some more, so I gladly accepted. Check it out at

My portfolio

My biggest full-on web design project is probably the website you’re looking at right now, my portfolio. Although it may not seem like art, I consider this to be somewhat of a functional piece of art. I built it from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/CMS Libraries (React, GatsbyJS, and Netlify/NetlifyCMS). I’d always felt like I needed a website, not just to showcase work, but also so that I have something to give people if they ever ask, like an online resumé. One day, an idea for a layout popped up in my head, so I suddenly opened a word processor and started putting together a draft. I was surprised in the end by how accurate the actual site was compared to the static draft.


Foundations of Digital Art Portfolio

FoDA Webpage

I consider this a kind of artistic extension to this website. I always wanted to experiment with the new wave of simplistic website, so I tried new things when I made this. The work featured on this Check it out at

LHS Photo Club

As one of the captains of the LHS Photography Club, I decided to redesign our website with a new logo and brand design. This was one my earlier projects, so it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped—I had built most of the website from scratch without using any backend, and since the website features a lot of photos the loading time can get pretty long. It was fun to build nonetheless, and I learned a lot from making it. Check it out at

Photo Club Website Image

Go to Math Textbook Page

Go To Math Texbook Page - Website

A friend found a way to use HTML query strings to directly navigate to a specific page of the online matn textbook. He implemented this in HTML, and since I wanted to help I did. I was fairly new to web design, so the design is a little sloppy, but I had fun experimenting with CSS color transitions. Check it out at

ECLO Consulting

I made a simple in progress page for a client who needed to quickly set up an online presence. Not much is impressive with the website, but I was surprised by how fast I was able to set up this website using a simple template.

ECLO Consulting Website