Graphic design work I completed for my school's class council

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Class Council Design Work

At the end of my Junior year, the president of our school’s Class of 2020 class council asked me to design posters that we put up for the class. I gladly accepted, excited to help out the class council and at the same time get some work featured for others to see.


There were many different events at the end of the year, so I had fun experimenting with different design styles and elements. Instead of just using a single similar format, I tried to adopt a different style for each design, usually going with whatever came to mind and sticking with it.

My favorite poster was probably the one for the spikeball tournament, as I was trying to experiment with the style found on Off-White™️ clothing—the Helvetica Bold in straight double quotes and stripes. Initially the design was a little more simple, I had used a net as the backgorund, which I also liked but wasn’t completely satisfied with. Instead, I went in a different direction and started with the “SPIKEBALL TOURNAMENT” and then the rest followed pretty fast.


This year, we sadly didn’t have as many posters because of COVID-19, but below are some of my favorite designs:

Laser Tag poster

Abbott's Frozen Custard Day

Car Wash Poster